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Going Someplace Nice

La Camargue

Not that it matters, but I’m dialing back/entirely eliminating my use of Twitter. Life is too short, and I’ll be spending my time in nice places whenever I have the choice.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while (pre-Musk takeover), but Musk’s purchase was the final few straws.

I’ll maintain my profile on the site, largely to avoid someone else taking the username and impersonating me.

I’m not looking for a Twitter “replacement” – in my opinion, that’s the wrong frame, but that’s a bigger, longer discussion.

One of the benefits of leaving a site like Twitter is that it provides an opportunity to do more of something I believe in: put more focus into spaces that I control, and spaces that are rooted in smaller communities with transparent tech.

Toward that end, I am doing more writing here at, and I will also be sharing more food-related stuff at Home Office Lunch. You eat lunch, right? Then come on over!

You can also find me over at FreeRadical.

See you on the interwebz!