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Getting Aid to Ukraine


As of this writing, 3.2 million people have had to leave Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s war has created a humanitarian crisis, and the needs created by that crisis will be ongoing for months. The organizations supporting refugees and people displaced by the war need support. If you want to help, here’s how.

Donate Money

The easiest and fastest way to help is to donate money. Unfortunately, scammers have been using the war in Ukraine to defraud people, so be careful about where you donate. The Ukrainian Aid Centers site has vetted multiple organizations supporting refugees. CNBC has also put together a list of organizations supporting relief efforts.

Donate Material Supplies

If you want to donate material supplies, you will need to get your supplies to a vetted donation center. First, verify that what you want to send is actually needed. This list contains medical supplies, military supplies, humanitarian aid, and food. The medical and military needs often require specific equipment than can be difficult for a non-specialist to match. Food and humanitarian aid are generally easier to donate.

Once you have determined what you want to donate, you need to get it to a vetted donation center. The Ukraine Aid Centers site has a list of vetted donation centers in 23 countries. If you are ordering supplies online, select a specific center and have the supplies shipped directly to the center. If you are going to drop off a box of supplies in person, label the box with a list of what is inside. Different organizations will pack boxes in different ways, so check with the receiving organization for how they want to receive material.

For food or other materials, check expiration dates. Ideally, items will have an expiration date that is a year or more out.

Stay Engaged

The humanitarian needs will be acute and ongoing for at least the next several months. Donations to legitimate organizations doing the work on the ground can make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Note: thanks and credit to Jr3597 for finding the Ukrainian Aid Center site.