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Trapper Keeper, Now With Actual Documentation

Me writing documentation

A couple weeks ago, I pushed Trapper Keeper out the door. Trapper Keeper is a collection of tools that I’ve been using for years to track and store information, and I wanted to clean them up and share them on the off chance they would be useful for someone who isn’t me. The code is on Github under an open source license.

Putting something into the world both forces an attention to detail and allows other people to review the work. It can be intimidating — I am, on my best days, a mediocre developer, and Trapper Keeper consists of code I have cobbled together. It works for me, but that isn’t the same as good.

But anyways, out the door it went. Since it went live, I spent some time testing and improving the code on OSX, and developing documentation on how to use Trapper Keeper, and how to install required dependencies on OSX and Linux.

I’ll be developing more documentation in the coming weeks. In particular, I want to get better documentation in place on how to use csv files with Trapper Keeper – it’s not complex, but it’s not especially intuitive either. I also want to put together some screencasts to show everything sticks together.

But in any case, the project is at a better place now than it was two weeks ago. More improvements will be coming in the next few weeks, but it’s at a place where, if you are feeling brave and adventurous, you can grab a copy of the code and test it out.